Hello, beautiful friends ! If you’re here it’s because you enjoyed the first 10 tips I shared with you here and I’m glad you did :). I unveil below the continuation and end of the 20ways to be happier everyday !



Let’s do it !

#11 Work out

Get some exercise. It’s scientific: exercising releases endorphins several hours after exercise. Among the many “Kiss Cool” effects that will result from a regular or even daily sports session, there is the anti-stress effect and the incredible feeling of well-being! So don’t be afraid to sweat once or twice a week, it’s for-your own good. My final tips: Stretch for at least 30 seconds for each muscle group to release toxins and avoid big aches and pains! Also think about hydrating by drinking water enough every day – forget about the 50 to 70 fl oz to drink a day, listen to your body to know what it needs but don’t wait until you’re thirsty: drink small sips every 20 minutes or so – . I promise, it’s for your own good :).

#12 Meditate

happy-ethics_Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash
Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash

Meditation is an activity that is becoming more and more democratic. However, in our world that lives at 100 per hour and “zaps” constantly, it is very difficult to stay focused. Yet you can meditate while going about your daily activities: by cooking, cleaning, eating with full awareness, you experience a meditative state. Simply by concentrating on your daily tasks. But you should avoid doing several tasks at once. So if you can, perform your tasks one after the other. At work, take a break between two meetings, between two tasks. Stop and take a deep breath for 1 minute. On the way home, before you rush into your household chores, listen to music you like – test the music at 432Hz, to regenerate yourself for example. For my part, I’ve been listening a lot lately to a composition by Jonna Jinton. At weekends, go for a walk in nature, the forest, the sea, the mountains or buy some fish and watch them swim in your aquarium – low tech of course 😉 – . I could literally watch mine swim for hours! I can see you laughing from here but try it and you’ll see…

#13 Be sincere

happy-ethics_Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash
Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

Be yourself in your relationships. Say what’s on your mind. Dare to burst the abscess. There is nothing worse for a relationship than the unsaid: they will only cause frustration and pain for others and yourself.
Create true relationships and deep connections with others that will last over time. My little tip: Whatever happens, avoid being judgmental. Tell sincerely how you feel without ever blaming the other person. Just try :).

#14 Keep your word

Do it first for yourself, then for others. First for your self-esteem, then to make your entourage more reliable by attracting people you can count on.

#15 Forgive

Learning to forgive is not easy. Yet it is a very powerful act. When you succeed you will be freed of a huge weight, and BOOM, you will have taken a giant step towards happiness! To know how to do it, please read my detailed article on the subject here !

#16 Be optimistic

happy-ethics_Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash
Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Keep the smile :). Not obvious for you? It’s again a question of perception, seeing the “good side of things” is a question of training if it’s not innate for you! How do you do it? Adopt positive thinking and cultivate it. For example, list every night the positive things that happened to you during the day. Not easy to find? Look around, there’s bound to be something. A word, a look. Start with 3 positive things and stick to them ! YES, YOU can !

#17 Accept people for what they are

Do you know what unconditional love is? It can be hard to imagine if you have a noisy neighbour or a colleague you can’t stand. Ok, sure. But try to take that first step: accept that you don’t have the power to change others. You may have already tried that. How much energy have you spent on little or no results in the past? Try compassion. I promise, it helps to open your mind :).

#18 Give

happy-ethics_Myriam Zilles-Pixabay
Photo of Myriam Zilles on Pixabay

Give to yourself first. Stop focusing on your imperfections. Stop being self-critical and focus on your qualities, because you have plenty ! Then, care about others : the people who care most about others are the happiest, Dalai Lama’s word !  Give yourself. I am not talking about organ donation ! Although… Without going that far, try generosity. You will later reap the fruits of the beautiful seeds you have sown 🙂

#19 Ask yourself the right questions

What kind of person do you want to be ? What parts of yourself do you want to exploit ? What do you want to experience, to feel every day ? What do you want that you don’t already have ? Where do you live? What places do you frequent ? Do these places rejuvenate you ? Where do you want to go ? Why do you want to go there ? If you yearn for something else, does it fill a void ?

#20 Do your best!

happy-ethics_Ben White -Unsplash
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Do your best. Don’t focus on results. The important thing is how you get there and what you learn about yourself along the way :). Embody what you want to be and life will take care of the rest!


Happiness is simple, it is in the smallest things of everyday life. It is cultivated and you will see that it will grow in you, day after day :). It can be difficult for you to let go. Maybe somewhere deep down inside you think you don’t deserve this happiness. Well, here’s great news: you deserve this happiness. Give yourself the right to be happy. I deeply believe that every being on Earth is there to know and experience this state. Imagine for a moment that all beings on Earth feel this state of fullness at this moment. What could come out of it ? More understanding ? More sharing ? More solidarity ? More love perhaps ?

World peace.

*God, Miss World ! Get out of this body !

OK ! WOW. So we have just seen together 20 tips to help you be happy every day : don’t hesitate to tell me in comments the tips that touched you the most, the ones you are going to put into practice and if you feel like it, share your tips & tricks too :).

Thanks for taking this time with me and see you soon in a new article !

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