Hi there and welcome to Happy Ethics website ! What a pleasure to have you dropping by so thank you very much ! Ethics has always been a value I consider very important especially because behind it hides the concept of caring and respectfulness.

What I’ve learned during childhood.

I was raised in France, in a Vietnamese family. Lots a love, strict education and much much values : love of learning, respect for others, rising to the top by working hard and playing by the rules, always :). Spending my childhood and youth in such environment taught me a lot and while growing up, I believe it helped me make the right choices. OK, let’s say most of the time. After all we are all humans right ? 😉

SO everything’s all right you’d say ?

In fact since I was a kid I struggled a lot with daily minor health problems such as stomach aches. As a teen and until recently I suffered with acne. Overall I usually got sick quite easily. And lately I started to get eczema all over the body.

But good news is I finally overcame all of these disorders when I understood the causes !

Why this website ?

What I’ve learned is the importance of having a healthy life, nourish your body with good products and having the right mindset which is sustained thanks to the previous ones.

Over the years through my studies and travels, I’ve learned a lot about myself and how to strengthen my body and mind. I am willing to share it all today.

What I hope this website will bring you 🙂

This website aims at giving you the very best advice on every possible topics regarding how to live your life at the fullest with joy, freedom, in good health and wisdom with love all around you :). I will also share products that I personally find respectful for you, people working to produce it and the environment ! Some of the links that I share will be affiliate links to help me out keeping on this wonderful journey with you ! Be sure of my willingness to share only super products that work :).

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

Ready to get onboard ? 🙂

Founder of happyethics.com