Hello! What do you say we talk about Superfoods today? 🙂

Ok Ok. There are certainly no “miracle” foods that can cure everything. On the other hand, it is more and more recognized that certain foods help us to stay healthy. These foods are called “superfoods”. If you want to know more about these foods with super powers please read my next article, I will put the link here. And here are a TOP 20 best superfoods !


#1 The banana

Yes! You love it like the vast majority of fruit consumers in the world. Bananas are easy to find and affordable. My little piece of advice: always remember to eat your fruit outside of meals unless your digestive system is strong 😉 and always organic! Bananas are an important source of potassium, so it’s good for your heart! Moreover, you get a lot of fiber from this fruit so your digestion will be much better and it will help you regulate your blood sugar better. So, does it give the banana or not?

happy_ethics-Gunnar Mallon de Pixabay
Image par Gunnar Mallon de Pixabay

#2 Blueberries

These berries are small but powerful because they are rich in fiber and antioxidant nutrients: vitamins C and E at high levels.  By consuming blueberries, you will help your body to fight against harmful bacteria and will have a good transit if you don’t overdo it (otherwise plan to spend a few extended stays in the bathroom!).

#3 The pomegranate

I love this fruit !  Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants it has the ability to prevent some cancers and even slow their spread! Ideal for a little “detox” cure. If you don’t like the grains contained in this fruit (because yes it contains quite a remarkable number of them and it is the only thing that bothers me about this too good fruit but at least it has the advantage of preventing me from eating too much of it and this sentence is waaay too long so I will stop there! *biiig breaath*), well you can just take a very fine strainer and crush the seeds to remove the juice out of them. Very easy to do, I’ve even made syrups out of them! Ok you lose the crispy side completely but that’s the price to pay for not falling on a seed with each bite !

#4 Spinach

Yummy… a delight for good old Popeye the sailor and an ordeal in our childhood (thanks the canteen!). Rediscovered as an adult, it’s a delight raw or cooked, just fried or in a smoothie! Although the nutritional value of spinach in terms of iron has since been revised downwards (divided by 10 just like that), it is an important source of minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium as well as vitamins C and E. So yes, spinach will help you get your energy levels up! Who was right about that?? That Popeye’s ! Too strong !

happy-ethics_Daianne Gomes-Pexels
Photo Daianne Gomes sur Pexels

#5 The cashew nut

My mom’s favorite nut :). And of my man (they have the same tastes but shhh). In short, magnesium, vitamin B and K a.k.a THE coagulation vitamin because it plays an essential role in normal blood clotting. Are we on Top or what ?

#6 Almonds

Let’s stick with the nuts: almonds. A good dose of fat (unsaturated, so good for your body) and vitamin E is a very good antioxidant to prevent the aging of your cells or even rejuvenate them (we have the class or we do not). Moreover, the consumption of almonds supports our immune system and many cardiovascular diseases, including cancers. I personally consume them daily at breakfast (I’ll write you an article on miam-ô-fruit, a pure delight that nourishes your body for the whole morning, no more belly screaming hunger at 10 am!!) or as a snack accompanied by other nuts and dried fruits. The perfect companion for an efficient working day!

#7 Garlic

Your mother, your grandmother, your great-grandmother and your great-great-grandmother (we can trace back the family tree for quite long :D) already used it to garnish their good meals! Garlic is a real functional food meaning that it is so powerful that its immediate effects could equal medicines (in terms of speed of action). Eating garlic acts as a real booster. It allows you to fight against many winter infectious diseases such as colds, angina or simply a sore throat. Its purifying virtues can even help to fight against certain skin diseases (acne, warts and other dermal revelry). You will have understood it, garlic doesn’t give bad bacteria and viruses a chance!

#8 Ginger

Another functional food! Ginger has been used as an ancestral remedy for thousands of years in Asia for its medicinal virtues and its flavour in cooking. Very rich in carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Ginger helps you to digest, soothe your nausea and yes, if you have some problems under the duvet, added with a little ginseng and maca, you have YOUR natural and effective solution ;). In winter as a prevention or as a cure, I make myself lemon + honey + thyme + grated ginger infusions. You’ll tell me about it!

#9 Turmeric

happy-ethics_Steve Buissinne-Pixabay
Image de Steve Buissinne de Pixabay

Um… (Clears throat) My favourite spice! I use it at every meal because it deliciously enhances the taste of the dishes (but be careful not to stain yourself, it is a natural colouring agent). Moreover, turmeric is full of antioxidants that protect your cells and it’s a systemic anti-inflammatory that is to say that it acts throughout the system to calm inflammation.  Moreover it regulates your intestinal microbiota, so with a plant like this, bye bye bye stomach aches and other digestive disorders!

#10 Guarana

These berries from the Amazon have been used for centuries by local tribes for their therapeutic properties. Guarana has a natural caffeine content 2 to 4 times higher than coffee i.e. it reduces fatigue and improves concentration. Tudo bem!

#11 The açaí

More berries from the Amazon rainforest in particular. Its powerful antioxidant properties make it a leading beauty product: acai helps you keep your skin healthy and young! Oh my beautiful acai… tell me who is the most beautiful!

happy-ethics_Photo by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash
Photo by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash

#12 Goji berries

Let’s keep up with berries ! Those are now found everywhere, including in pharmacies in dried form. Their taste is sweet with a zest of acidity and a hint of bitterness (barely, for the record, I can’t stand bitterness and I love these fruits!). For me the taste is similar to a raisin but less sweet and with a bit more spiciness! Thrown in a tea, a yoghurt, mixed in a smoothie or eaten as is as a snack, goji berries have the property to strengthen the liver and kidney. For a stronger immune system! Be careful however not to consume more than a small handful a day because these berries thin the blood. So if you suffer from coagulation disorders, consume in moderation (and this is also true for those who do not suffer from this disorder 😉 ) !

#13 The Acerola Cherry

Haha more berries ! The acerola cherry is indeed a berry contrary to what its name indicates. So why do we call it “cherry” you’d ask! Well, because its resemblance to the cherry. Period. Eating this berry gives us a shot of vitamin C (more than oranges) and vitamin A, as well as a good little cure of antioxidants. Yummy!

#14 The matcha

In Japan people consume it every day and several times a day: traditionally in hot water or in ice cream and cakes of all kinds! When I went there on a trip with some friends, we consumed a phenomenal quantity of it because it is omnipresent and… we ended up adopting it (ok except for the ice cream cones which taste a bit too strongly for a young padawan like me!). In short, in the land of the rising sun, the matcha’s reputation is well established! Matcha is green tea ground and crushed into a very fine powder. The powder obtained is a bright green (even hypnotizing, it’s so beautiful). In short, it contains 3 times more antioxidants (catechins for connoisseurs) than classic green tea. Studies have reportedly shown that matcha significantly improves attention, reactivity and memory. Although matcha contains caffeine, it has its qualities (increased alertness) without its disadvantages (energy collapse). Try it and you’ll see life all in green ;).

happy-ethics_Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash
Photo by Jessica Rockowitz on Unsplash

#15 The chia seeds

Popularized in the 1990s in the West, chia seeds were a full part of the Aztec diet, but the culture of Chia pre-dates the Aztec civilization. You might as well know that these seeds have been used for a long time for their excellent properties. About 4,000 years ago.  You can consume them in a yoghurt, smoothie, fruit compote or soak them in water or vegetable milk to make a refreshing drink! These seeds are an important source of protein and contain fiber, antioxidants and omega-3. No wonder that in the Mayan language, “chia” means strength.

#16 The Maca

It was during my trip to Peru that I discovered this miraculous root. Peruvians swear by this plant: some put it every morning in their children’s drinks to strengthen their vitality and their physical & mental performance. For my part, at the beginning I went backwards because I was apprehensive about the taste. It was not my surprise to discover that maca powder went very well with my yoghurts and other smoothies and enhanced the whole with a slight nutty taste. Too good!  Maca is a natural mood enhancer. Goodbye stress and depression! Moreover it could increase libido and fertility. What could we ask more ?

#17 The Lucuma

Still a must in Peru in particular! And has been for almost two millennia.  Lucuma is called “the gold of the Incas”. This fruit participates in the protection of chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease thanks to the polyphenols and carotenoids it contains. Fiber, iron, vitamin C and calcium are also part of the party. A fruit just how we like it :).

#18 Moringa

This is THE plant with a thousand virtues! In some African countries and in South-East Asia, moringa is consumed cooked like spinach or drunk as an infusion every day or almost every day. Used in all sauces to fight all kinds of more or less serious ailments, its reputation is well established. It is used to fight inflammations, as a preventive measure to maintain the health of our grey matter (and white matter, in short the brain :D), heart and liver. If we look at its composition, it is rich in antioxidants, proteins, potassium and calcium. It also contains 3 times more iron than kale and all the essential amino acids (9 of them!).  Its other name: the tree of life. QED.

#19 Spirulina

It is a blue-green algae extremely rich in nutrients. The Aztecs consumed it like a bun for its taste but also for the energy and strength it provides. This seaweed is a source of complete proteins and helps to fight against cancer.

#20 Chlorella

Chlorella is a powerful purifying micro-algae. It contains more chlorophyll and lutein than any other plant on Earth! Use Chlorella to fight against toxins (including heavy metals!) and winter ailments.

This list is far from being exhaustive! There are more than fifty of these foods. Among these are apple, flax seeds, barley and wheat grass (don’t worry, those are completely gluten-free), coconut, cocoa (yes! but don’t abuse it, cocoa production is particularly harmful to our ecosystem, choose fair trade!), otherwise there is the caroub which tastes similar but with fewer calories! Research and test the foods that best suit you!

happy-ethics_Photo de mododeolhar provenant de Pexels
Photo of mododeolhar on Pexels

Still skeptical? The best way to find out if these foods have a real beneficial effect is to try them yourself :). For my part it’s done: the effects on my health are undeniable. After consuming them I feel more energetic immediately! It’s better than coffee because the caffeine it contains gave me palpitations then I felt tired all of a sudden a few hours later. Logical because caffeine actually pumps into your energy reserves: it doesn’t give you energy, it takes it away from you! Besides, I don’t get sick anymore or it doesn’t last and the condition of my skin has greatly improved.

The only dark side is that not all these foods are grown near your home, so the carbon footprint of your shopping bag can increased. But it’s all a question of dosage (don’t buy more than what you need!), of compromise (do you rather buy bulk products? Do you think about taking your own jars and tote bags? Do you eat less beef?) and awareness of your purchase (choose a product on which you have checked its origin, cultivation and production method). Put things in perspective, these excellent foods for your well-being weigh little in comparison with other foods that are eminently more polluting for our beautiful planet. Do not hesitate to read this Youmatter.world article on the subject !

If you find it difficult to choose among all these superfoods and you don’t know where to start, I recommend the products at YourSuperFoods.com !


This is an affiliate link that will allow me to have a small counterpart if you ever choose to buy some via this link :). It’s with my eyes closed that I advise you to test it if you feel like it because it’s validated by myself! I have been consuming it EVERY DAY for 4 months and my body thanks me ;). If you want to know more about what I thought about it, have a look at my very next article that I will add riight here :).

Because being ethical actually starts with yourself: taking care of you with what you put in you body :).

Hope that makes sens to you !

Take care of yourself, stay young!


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